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The Willing Servants Quartet

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The Willing Servants Quartet have been together for two years.
Tony and Brian have been singing together for approx. ten years sometimes as a duo and other times in trio's.
Cindy and Linda also sang together for about ten years, most recently they spent several years with The Believers.
In 2002, Tony and Brian were singing with a trio called The Representatives when they replaced their alto with Cindy and changed the name to  The Willing Servants.
Several months later Linda joined the group, and again the name of the group was changed  to The Willing Servants Quartet
Linda lives in Mcclenny with her husband. Cindy lives in Whitehouse with her husband and her son. Tony and his wife and their two sons live in Mandarin. Brian lives in Atlantic Beach with his wife and three daughters.

Spreading The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Through Music